Ava Davis, CMT



Massage Specialties: 

  • Swedish
  • Deep Tissue
  • Sports Massage
  • Chair Massage
  • Injury Massage

One day during my clinical practice at Nevada School of Massage Therapy (NSMT) Las Vegas, I was discovered by a Doctor of Emergency Services. Throughout his 90min. massage session, the most horrible thing happened (Every Massage Therapists nightmare)!  The Doctor quizzed me on every muscle I was massaging and their bone attachments!  After the massage, he proceeded to say “You have a unique way of integrating your technique and if you are going to be in this business, YOU BETTER KNOW YOUR MUSCLES and ATTACHMENTS”!  Well…after putting the fear in God in me, thank goodness I passed his interrogation with flying colors.  And to this day, I am grateful for this Doctor for giving me self-confidence in becoming a Massage Therapist. 

I have been practicing massage on and off for 13 years with private clientele. Since moving back to Lompoc I have continued my practice working at VAFB Fitness Center at A Natural Knead, Spa Europa, Massage Envy Santa Barbara and now I am proud to be a part of the Magnolia Massage family. 

My Style/Technique: Is all of my modalities wrapped up into one unique experience.

Favorite Quote: “Massage is better than any drug, it’s healing, it’s therapeutic, but most importantly it is good for your soul”.

College:  NSMT-Nevada School of Massage Therapy-Graduated 2002                                                                                 

Modalities: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage Pre/Post, Chair Massage, and Injury Massage.

Licensure: LMT#21329, CAMTC# 53972                                                                                                        

Member: AMTA-American Massage Therapy Association