A light to medium pressure massage designed for relaxation and to de-stress.





A medium to firm pressure massage including heat and trigger point therapy to relieve tension in the superficial muscles.


Deep Tissue

A firm pressure massage including heat and trigger point therapy to relieve  extreme tension in the muscles and connective tissue or fascia of superficial and deeper layers of muscle. Muscle soreness is expected with this type of massage for a day or two following treatment.


Hot Stone



Basalt stones are heated in water and then placed on the body is certain areas to warm the muscles. Stones are also used in the therapist's hands during the massage. These stones hold heat, helping to create a deep tissue massage to work tight, knotted muscles and release tension. Hot stone massage is relaxing and is known to have some health benefits.


Bamboo Fusion


Heated bamboo sticks are used in the therapist's hands to knead, roll and stretch muscles into relaxation. This massage is especially recommended for those with upper back tension and leg muscle tightness.


Couples Massage

You and a loved one can enjoy massages in the same room.

Two therapists, two massage tables, side by side will allow the two of you to enjoy your massages together. You each receive a custom tailored, therapeutic, full body massage for either 30, 60 or 90 minutes. It's a great way to spend a special occasion or holiday!

Table Thai Massage


With the client face up on a massage table, this adaption of Table Thai massage utilizes deep pressure on the muscles, in particular the shoulders, hips and legs, via yoga-like stretches and focused energy work. Clients remain clothed in loose, comfortable attire.

Thai Massage

A therapeutic and nurturing form of bodywork.  It fluidly incorporates deep muscle pressure, assisted yoga stretches, acupressure, joint mobilization and energy work. Thai Yoga Massage is practiced with the client wearing loose, comfortable clothing on a cushioned futon-like mat.  Includes a Thai Foot Bath.


Massage Cupping

The application of suction to the body creating negative pressure. This negative pressure pulls and stretches the fascia and muscle fibers away from the body allowing for better circulation and breaking up congestion in the muscle fibers. Built up stagnant toxins in the muscles will surface, so they can be broken down by the body. It is also great for deep tissue work without the heavy compression of a deep tissue massage.


Prenatal Massage

Special care and consideration are given the expectant mother regarding  positioning and comfort. Swedish massage techniques for relaxation, as well as therapeutic techniques are used to help alleviate muscle and joint  soreness and discomfort.


Oncology Massage

Oncology massage therapy is a type of massage that is specific to a person who is living with cancer and for those who have had a history of cancer. This comfort-oriented massage is tailored for each individual, from those in active treatment to those in recovery or survivorship, as well as for those at the end of life.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

An advanced form of massage that aims to stimulate the lymphatic system to remove congestion and stagnation from within the body, and so help it return to a healthy condition.  MLD therapy utilizes gentle massage strokes that remove blockages and promotes proper lymph flow. 




Reiki comes from two Japanese words: "Rei," which means the higher power, and "ki" — "life force energy. Thus, Reiki is actually "spiritually-guided life force energy." Reiki treats the whole person, including body, emotions, mind and spirit, and offers a client a sense of balance and well-being. A Reiki practitioner allows this "life force" to flow through his or her hands via placement on the body.